Physics Department

About the Department

The Department of Physics was established in 1970 with the B.Sc. (MPC) program. In 1990, the course was expanded to include Computer Science (MPCs). The department has gradually grown, and now accommodates 350 physics students.

Our department boasts two well-equipped and spacious laboratories: the Optics Lab and the General Physics Lab. Additionally, we have an E-classroom to provide students with faster and more accurate lesson delivery.

The departmental library, with its collection of 350 books, caters to the needs of both students and staff. The faculty members encourage and support students in pursuing higher studies.

To enhance students' practical knowledge, our department organizes industrial tours. We also conduct an annual science exhibition to foster students' innovative skills. Furthermore, our faculty regularly participates in Faculty Development Programs to stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies.


Our vision is to be a leading Physics Department that excels in teaching and research. We aim to provide excellent education, encourage innovation, and maintain advanced facilities. We focus on developing our students' skills and engaging with the community and industry. We also support our faculty in using the latest teaching methods. Our goal is to produce skilled physicists who can positively impact society.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality physics education and inspire a love for learning. We prepare students for successful careers and further studies with innovative research and advanced facilities. We focus on student growth and community engagement. Continuous faculty development ensures excellent teaching.


1. Mr. T. Rajeshwar M.Sc., B.Ed - TET Assistant Professor & HOD 13
2. Mrs. T. Rajyalakshmi M.Sc. - SET Assistant Professor 3


1. Ms. Rajeshwari (Lab Assistant)

Events of the Department

  • Activities
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    STUDENT SEMINARS & PROJECTS The Department conducts student seminars in each semester to improve their subject knowledge as well as communication skills.

    Field trip to birla planetarium and Birla Science Mueseum

    World Students Day on event of celebrating birth anniversary of Dr,APJ.Abdul Kalam

  • Seminars/Webinars
  • a) Physics Department has Conducted State level seminar on "WOMEN EMPOWERMENT" in the year 2011.

    b) Conducted National seminar on the topic titled "GENDER BASED VOILIENCE" in 2012.

    c) One day Seminar was organized on POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION in 2015.

    d) The department conducted guest lecture on the topic "MAGENITISM ' by Mr. MD. GhousePhasha on Sep-2017.

    e) The department conducted Extension lecture on the Topic POLARISATION By Mr. Narashimha from GDC Malkajgiri.

    f) The department organized online extension lecture on the topic "MAGENITISM by Mr. Sridhar Reddy Assistant professor Government Degree College for Women Nalgonda on 20th Feb 2021.

  • FDPs/Workshops
  • Digital Electronics
    A Workshop was organized by Dept of Physics in collaboration with PACIFIC electronics on digital electronics in the year 2005.

    AC Circuits
    A Workshop was organized by Dept of Physics in collaboration with PHYSITECH on AC Circuits in the year 2006.

  • Other Events
    Every year all the Science Departments organize science exhibition on Science day i.e. on Feb 28th. On this day all the working models and charts are displayed prepared by students. Physics department explained importance of RAMAN EFFECT.

    Our department faculty with students visit the NGRI every year on NGRI open day. With this trip students gain extra knowledge rather than book knowledge.


Achievements of the department

  • Staff Achievements
  • a) T. Rajeshwar attended 2 day FDP program TIPS AND TRICKS FOR APTNESS organized by TASK Hyderabad on 22nd & 23rd - DEC 2016.

    b) B. Kistamma and T. Rajeshwar presented a paper QUALITY IN TEACHING PHYSICS in One day National seminar at SLNS , Bhongir in 2015.

    c) Mr T. Rajeshwar attended Departmental Conference on UG syllabus organized by department of Physics Osmania University on 29th Feb 2020.

    d) All the faculty of Physics attended ICT workshop organized by Sardarpatel college.

    e) Mrs. D. ShanmukhiJyothi attended National and international seminars and around 20 national papers published.

    f) Mrs. P. Srivarsha attended International virtual conference(2 days) on 5th & 6th July 2020 organized by U-SERC Uttarakhand.

    g)A minor research project (MRP) on "Preparation and characterization of doped tungsten oxide thin films for gas sensing applications", was sanctioned to department of physics by UGC-SERO in the year 2015 MRP done by Mrs. D. Shanmukhi Jyothi.


  • Students Achievements
  • a) Vikas Raj got 4th rank in Central University of Hyderabad(HCU) in Physics entrance in the year 2020.

    b) Aditya MPCs student got a PG (Physics) seat in NITK Surathkal in the year 2021.