Mathematics & Statistics Department

About the Department

The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1970 with 60 students in MPC group. In the year 1990 an other 60 students joined in MPCs group. A new group MSCs,( Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science) was started in the year 2020-21.

The following new courses of B.Sc. have been started in the year 2021-22.

  • Mathematics, Statistics, Data Sciences (MSDs).
  • Mathematics, Computer Science and Data Science (MCsDs).
  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science (MCCs).

The faculty is committed to provide quality education to the students. The Mathematics department organizes seminars, extension lectures & National Mathematics Day every year to create awareness & interest among students. The faculty members also attend National, International and State level Seminars, Webinars, Conferences and workshops.


  • To provide an environment where students can learn, and enhance their competence in using mathematics, and understand the applications of mathematics in artificial intelligence, banking and other high-end advanced technologies.


  • To provide quality education and inculcate knowledge of mathematics to students, empower them by nurturing a close interaction with the faculty and regular student mentoring.
  • To enable the students to discover the joy of learning mathematics and empower them with awareness of contemporary applications of mathematics in high-end advanced technologies.


1. Mr. T. Amar Singh M.Sc, B.Ed Assistant Professor 14
2. Mrs. M. Sunitha M.Sc, B.Ed Assistant Professor 7
3. Ms. B. Shravani M.Sc Assistant Professor 1
4. Ms. C. A. Gauthami Yadav M.Sc Assistant Professor 1

Events of the Department

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  • Industrial Visit

    Department of Statistics

    Organized a field trip on April 19th, 2023, for students of BSc I year, II year & III year to visit the production unit of “Gramee Naturals”.

    The purpose of this visit was to provide students with practical experience in conducting surveys and to demonstrate the real-life applications of statistics.

    The industry workers provided an explanation to the students about the processes involved in manufacturing and packing oil and flour.

    Students Conducted A Survey

    The students conducted a comprehensive survey, gathering data on factors such as the number of workers, average annual production, annual defective items, machine count, and various other relevant information. They then analyzed this information and formulated a questionnaire.

    Data Collected By The Students

    1. The industry manufactures organic products based on the customer feedback annually. The following is the past 6 years data of manufacturing products.

    Years 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
    Products (Manufactured) 5000 8076 10800 8000 7500 9650

    2. An average no. of defectives of an industry of past 6 years data is as follows:

    X 1 2 3 4 5 6
    No. of Defectives 216 107 497 1600 326 187

    Analysis Done By The Students

    Interaction of Students with Human Resource Professional

    The Human Resource Professional department engaged in a detailed discussion with the students regarding the industry's profit margins, annual income and expenditures, growth trajectory, and the organic manufacturing process.

    In conclusion, the students acquired practical experience in conducting real surveys and learned how data collection contributes to statistical applications in real-world scenarios. They also gained insights into the potential uses and analysis of statistical data.

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