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The Chemistry Department was established in the Year 1973. The courses offered in combination with this subject are B.Sc., B.Z.C (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry) and B.Sc., B.N.C (Botany, Applied Nutrition and Public health and Chemistry).

The postgraduate program in chemistry M.Sc was started in the year 2008 with the specialization as Organic chemistry. There are four well established laboratories for chemistry. Two labs for UG and two for PG. The intake of students in each academic year is 30. The post graduate alumni students have made a significant mark in academics and industry .


  • To promote and enhance research culture, towards increasing the intellectual capacity of the institution.
  • To provide a collaborative research environment with a traditional focus on synthetic organic chemistry.


  • To encourage students and young researchers to join our quest for new and challenging scientific endeavors.
  • To serve the society by encouraging and uplifting the motivated, interested and downtrodden students towards higher education.
  • To provide industry exposure, hands on experience students through internships and project work.
  • To develop employability and guidance for placements in reputed pharmaceutical companies.
  • To achieve excellence in teaching and research.


1. Dr.T.D. Neelima M.Sc., Ph.D (IIT Madras) - UGC-NET Professor & HOD, Chemistry 23
2. Mrs. V. Archana M.Sc., B.Ed - SET Assistant Professor 8
3. Mrs. B. Radha M.Sc., B.Ed Assistant Professor 12
4. Ms. Rasane Nutan Nandkishor M.Sc., B.Ed - SET Assistant Professor 5
5. Ms. M. Ramya M.Sc. - SET Assistant Professor 3
6. Mrs. Hafsa Tahniyat M.Sc., B.Ed - SET Assistant Professor 8


1. Mr. Raju (Lab Attender)


B.Sc M.Sc. Organic Chemistry (Admission through CPGET)

Events of the Department

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  • Induction Day

    Date: 6th Nov 2023

    Event: M.Sc Induction programme-AARAMBH- Part 1

    Objective: To encourage and enlighten M.Sc freshers and outgoing students regarding the career opportunities in chemistry field and employability skills in organic chemistry.

    Report: The Department of chemistry have organised an Induction programme for chemistry students to create awareness on employability skills and significance of organic chemistry in Pharmaceutical drug industries.

    The speaker for the event was Dr. K. Nagaiah, chief scientist, Department of Natural Products & Medicinal Chemistry, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad. Dr. Nagaiah enlightened students, faculty on important reactions and concepts widely used in the industrial set-up and scientific research which can increase the confidence of the students in facing the interviews and make them future ready for their careers.

    Dr. Nagaiah stressed on the importance of: devoting 4-5 hours of time each day for reading subject apart from the regular syllabus, presenting posters, having scientific discussions, familiarising oneself with theoretical and practical concepts to equip themselves thoroughly for their scientific careers.

    Students got immense knowledge on employability skills through the event and queries of the students and faculty were clarified. Teachers and students were tipped with a point that it is their communal responsibility to deliver the advantages of science to the society.

    Date: 9th November 2023

    Event: Induction Programme Part 2

    Objective: To make UG & PG chemistry students aware about the wider horizon of career opportunities that opens up on opting chemistry as one of their major subject.

    Report: Dr. N.V. Sastry, Ex Professor, Department of Chemistry, Sardar Patel University and the current academic director at Sardar Patel College delivered an energizing and enlightening lecture on, “Chemistry- An exciting science and unlimited opportunities” to all the UG and PG students pursuing chemistry.

    Dr. Sastry spoke about the various arenas in which the organic chemists can work viz. academics, research, scientific career, industry and as an entrepreneur. He elaborated on the skills required for each of these arenas and gave a direction towards each path. He also spoke about the importance of oral communication skills, creativity, critical thinking and data analysis.

    Outcome: The students gained a new perspective to explore the employment opportunities in chemistry.

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  • Industrial Visit

    Industrial Visit of Sardar Patel College To National Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research(NIPER)-HYD

    The industrial visit to NIPER Hyderabad has been fixed for 9th February, 2024 from 11am onwards. Prof. Nanduri Srinivas, Head, Dept of Chemical Sciences, has been the person of contact for all the communication with our college. A total of twenty eight students of M.Sc I and I years, along with five faculty members visited NIPER-Hyderabad on 9th February 2024.

    Dr. Neelima, HoD, Chemisty, Sardar Patel college, arrived at the venue by 10:15AM in order to interact with the concerned faculty Dr. Jitendra Madan, HoD of Pharmaceutics department assigned for the purpose and to know about the planning of the tour, before the actual visit begins. There are four departments at NIPER, Hyderabad viz. Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Chemical Sciences, Pharmacology, and toxicology. The students and faculty arrived at the venue by 10:50AM Dr. Jitendra Madan, received and guided the students to be seated in one of their classrooms. He then introduced other faculty members and research scholars to the students and briefed them about the institution. The students were divided into three groups, led by few research scholars like Mr. Srikanth and Mr. Harshil at NIPER to take the group on tour around the institution.

    Students and faculty members were able to interact with research scholars and eminent staff and also learn about vast instrumentation facility that includes Infra Red spectrophotometer, UV spectrophotometer, NMR, Scanning Electron Microscope, dissolution tanks, IR pellet maker, HPLC, GC, rotavapors, fumehoods, icemaking machines, and invivo and in vitro labs.

    Weighing instruments that could weigh upto 0.001 micrograms, that cost saround 8lakhs were seen at one of the research labs. This weighing machine is especially used for weighing the impurities in a drug. Dr. Nandkumar took the team around their animal facility at NIPER, which provides for the in vivo studies. The animal facility procures transgenic animals from London, UK. The facility maintains utmost cleanliness and follows Indian or British Pharmacopia guidelines for animal care, as per the need.

    Towards the closing, the HOD, chemical sciences Dr. Nanduri invited the faculty members to his cabin, where the team discussed about fostering a cordial relationship between NIPER and Sardar Patel College for being in continuous relationship and goodwill in future for useful intellectual inputs from NIPER and to organize industrial visits, extension lectures, summer internships etc. Also present during the discussion were other academicians cum researchers Dr. Madhavi and Dr. Vinay.

    Students were able to appreciate the facilities, the work culture and good work ethics. Students also were made aware of the possibility to get admission for a PhD. with valid GATE and NIPER-JEE Scores. The visit has been a very productive, useful and informative one for all the students and faculty members.

    NIPER extended their excellent hospitality all through the visit, from our stepping into the institution until we exited. NIPER offered lunch to all the faculty members and refreshments to all the students at the canteen facility. The team dispersed after a brief photo session with all the co-ordinators of NIPER.

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