Botany Department

About the Department

The Botany Department was established in the Year 1973. The courses offered are B.Sc., B.Z.C (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry), B. Sc., B.N.C (Botany, Applied Nutrition and Public health and Chemistry), B.Z.N (Botany, Zoology and Applied Nutrition and Public Health).


  • To foster knowledge and promulgate the role of plants for the very existence of life.


  • To educate students about different branches of botany and their importance.
  • To nurture the students through basic experimental skills in understanding fundamental processes in plants.
  • To motivate students towards rich learning experience & academic excellence.
  • To combine academics with co-curricular activities for effective learning and initiate quest for knowledge & research.


1. Ms. Reena Manvitha M.Sc. Asst. Professor 2.5
2. Dr. Purna Sudha Bindu Ambaru M.Sc., Ph.D Asst. Professor 12

Events of the Department

  • Activities
    • Report on World Pulses Day event
    • Date: 10th Feb 2024

      Objective: To bring an awareness among the students and staff about the importance of pulses and their nutritional value.

      Outcome: The Department of Botany has organized an event on 10th February 2024 on the account of “World Pulses Day”.

      Students from all the streams participated in various events organized by the department.

      Following are the competitions that are held on the day of the event.

      • Poster presentation
      • Food exhibits
      • Fruit & Vegetable carving
      • Identification of Pulses
      • Food stalls

      The theme of this event is “Nourishing soils and people” and most of the poster presentations are exhibited on this theme.

      Food exhibits are prepared using pulses as the main ingredient.

      Students got to know about the nutritional content of pulses by participating in food exhibit events.

      Faculty from all the streams visited the department to look at the exhibits done by the students.

      Both the faculty and students made the program successful.

    Report On National Science day 2023


    Report on Nutriewind Healthcare


    Report on The Educational Visit tp Kondapur Botanical Garden

  • Seminars/Webinars
  • a) International webinar conducted along with IQAC, Sardar Patel College, Secunderabad, Telangana on "Teaching through Pandemic" on 18th May 2020.

    b) The Department of Botany has organized a Webinar on "Solid Waste Management Practices" by Mrs. MalathiBalavari, Cluster Coordinator ITC-WOW on 27th March 2021 at 11:00 AM. The speaker spoke about the source segregation of waste for a better future.

  • a) The Department of Botany has conducted an Internship program for B.Sc Life science students on Drip Irrigation from 19th March 2021 to 6th April 2021. Drip Irrigation system to campus plants was installed by students as part of their internship program to conserve water and maintain green cover during lockdown in pandemic. Drip Irrigation is the most efficient method of watering plants. This system delivers a precise amount of water and prevents over watering of plants. It conserves water, energy, saves money & time.

    b) Students of B.Z.C 2nd year have attended Internship program conducted by Botanical Survey of India, Hyderabad in October 2021.

  • Other Events
    • Department of Botany Visit to Nursery Mela
    • Students from B.Sc IIIrd & IInd year along with two faculty members and lab assistants visited Nursery Mela held at people’s plaza, Necklace road on 3rd February 2024.

      Students learned about various propagating techniques of different plants and they got an opportunity to practically look at a few rare species like Bonsai, Orchids and various other plants.

      They also learned about various species of the succulents and ornamentals like chrysanthemum, rose, gerbera, petunia and techniques involved in growing such plants.

    • Education report on field trip to Mahabaleshwar
    • Date: 9th March 2024 to 12th March 2024

      Introduction: On March 9th 2024, 19 students along with 2 lecturers and 3 lab assistants went for a trip to Mahabaleshwar with an aim to visit Mapro gardens and many other local hill points.

      We started at 9:30PM from Secunderabad railway station and reached Mahabaleshwar by 4:00PM.

      Objective: Field trips serve one vital function as far as education is concerned. They link the classroom experience with the outside world in doing so they not only improve learning, but also give both the students and educators valued practical experience. Students got exposed to wide varieties of flora of Maharashtra, vegetable cultivation, strawberries cultivation and preparation of jams and jellies from fresh fruits at Mapro gardens.

      Description: On 10th March 2024 we reached the hotel at 4:00PM, after having lunch we left to visit Mapro gardens and nearest strawberry fields.

      On 11th March 2024 we started early for Pratapgad fort passing through the dense forests of western ghats and reached queens point, Elphinstone point and visited strawberry farms. We reached Venna lake for boating and sunset followed by ethnic night at our stay.

      On 12th March 2024 we started for Lonavala to visit Mapro industries followed by lunch at a local dhaba. We boarded the train for Hyderabad and reached by 4:00AM.

      Conclusion & Outcome:

      It can be concluded that the trip was successful and we believe that our students learned about self dependance, peer interaction, fruit farming and they also got exposed to natural habitats.

  • MoUs and Linkages
  • a) Signed an MOU with ITC's CSR Initiate WOW (Wealth out of Waste) during the years 2019-2022 for recycling of dry waste.

    b) Signed an MOU with "THE RISING PHARMACEUTICALS" for a duration of two years from 2021 to 2023 to provide hands-on experience to students on preparation, medicinal and therapeutic use of different medicinal plants.

    c) Signed a Linkage with Botanical Survey of India (BSI) in 2021 for knowledge sharing regarding the herbarium techniques and identification of flora.

    d) Signed an MOU with "Kasturba Gandhi Degree and PG College for Women" in 2021 to cooperate in faculty exchange programs and student activities of mutual benefit.

Achievements of the Department

  • Staff achievements
  • Student achievements